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New Year, New Ideas: Where to find creative inspiration

7 Jan 2022
New Year, New Ideas

Happy New year and a warm welcome back to you all! We’re beginning our blog with some creative branding & packaging advice and inspiration to spark some new ideas for 2022.

Best for broad inspiration

Pinterest: It may seem obvious, but as an un-curated bunch of absolutely everything, all sorts of imagery from different interests pop up all the time. We recommend following some of its rabbit holes to find some of the hidden gems, just avoid getting too fixated on any one image…

Inspiration from Pinterest
Founder & Creative Partner, Lizzie, shares a glimpse of her eclectic personal pinterest page

Best Inspiration and resources for Clients

Posting all sorts of packaging from around the world, we can see from looking at these blogs what trends are emerging in different countries, and if you’re curious what sort of packaging and design you’re up against, or want to be inspired by some of the technological and stylistic possibilities, these blogs offer a glimpse.

Best for Curious Designers

All highly curated selections of the most established artists, crafters and creator mavericks we can draw contemporary inspiration from.

hole&corner Webpage
le Manoosh Web

Best for Editorial

We love how off the wall and experimental some of’s material can make us think laterally, and shake up rigid design ‘rules’ and playfully integrate current design trends through the use of type and image.

Best Background Reading

And of course, we wouldn’t be Library if we couldn’t recommend a good read. There are plenty of books out there analysing specific elements of the industry, but John Berger’s classic ‘Ways of Seeing’ (and accompanying BBC series) is a good place to start –  exploring the fundamental theory behind creative design, and how we communicate through imagery.

Best design news: It’s Nice That, Creative Boom

A look & discussion on everything design related, just two of the many platforms for an eclectic look at design and the wider creative community.

Advice for designers and thoughts for clients:

These are examples of some popular sources of design inspiration, but it’s worth noting our most valuable inspiration always comes from looking anywhere and everywhere, especially outside of design circles. It’s important to be informed by what’s happening around us, but we always need to look further, to be able to move and challenge what’s excepted.


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We’ve written in previous blog posts about how we believe

Our Founders Top Advice for Design Students

As your new academic year kicks off, we’ve put together