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Design Business: How we solve the challenges ahead for print & packaging

1 Feb 2022

The last year has seen a new set of challenges in supply and product development for businesses, and as we continue to experience more and longer lead times in packaging and print, we’re shedding light on how we use design to adapt and prepare for changing circumstances.

What’s happening in the industry

Those who’ve visited our studio will know we work above an editorial print works, so we’ve been able to see first hand how manufacturers have been affected over the last year. Because of the knock on effects of what’s happening around the globe, we’ve generally seen costs go up as well as lead times becoming more unpredictable on a lot of items and materials.

responsive design

While this, and current news of rising costs all round, paints a very gloomy picture of the future for print and packaging, we remain positive and alert to the challenges. By creating flexibility within the brand and design, we’ve been able to help clients by adapting to realistic possibilities, to keep their business moving forward as smoothly as possible.

Where we’re not able to achieve our original specification in these exceptional circumstances, we’ve been working with our clients, manufacturers and printers to find an equally effective solution, without compromising on the communication of the brand ethos and key messaging. 

Looking ahead

  • In the UK, we’re going to see a tax introduced on plastics made from less than 30% recycled waste, that we hope will encourage and pave the way for more recycled materials in packaging.

    Find out more on this tax, April 2022:

    More about Closed Loop Recycling:,Glass

  • As we see increases in electric and heating bills as well as fuel, this is likely to push up costs per unit, however – by considering a different approach to packaging, it’s possible to not only reduce costs, but reduce waste also. Through ingenuity and innovation, we can design packaging that serves the same function, but uses as little material as possible.

    Read more on advances in sustainable packaging technology:

  • We may no longer be quite so confined to our homes, but digital presence and delivery packaging will be just as important as in-store presence, particularly for non-food items, which have seen the largest fall in retail sales.

    The challenge to brands is to stand out in busy online markets, conveying your messaging without the physical interaction of your packaging. A key approach is to develop elements of your brand in 3D and motion to make the most of this platform while leveraging the brand experience and communication in the way it’s delivered.


If you have a project in mind, big or small, and/or want to discuss options for your brand and packaging, please get in touch via. the contact page – we look forward to hearing from you!


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