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Our Creative Services Explained

9 Jun 2023

branding & packaging is the broadest definition of what we do. rather than leaving it open to interpretation, we’ve compiled this list of our services with a breif explanation of what each entails.


Our services come under 3 key stages of design:

  • Creative Strategy – Defining Your Brand
    This encompasses all the planning to create a clear focus for your brand, setting the stage for the design stages.

  • Creative Design  – Building Your Brand
    We collaborate with you, exploring a range of directions to find and develop your aesthetic and all its applications.

  • Creative Production  – Bringing Your Brand to life
    Where concept meets manufacture. We help with all the details that allow you to launch your project. 


  • Brand Positioning
    An in-depth look at your brand and competitive market to establish a creative direction.
  • Copywriting
    Giving your brand a voice. From Taglines, to mission statements, to tone of voice. 

Creative Design

  • Brand Identity
    All the key assets that create a coherent visual presence. From logo, to colour scheme to type and shape.

  • Brand World
    The creative applications of your brand. Whether digital, physical or environmental, we develop the brand identity to perfectly suit its purpose.

  • Packaging
    Designing everything that contains your product. From the 3D structure, to label design and embellishments.


  • Artwork
    Creating technical design files from your selected designs, to specification

  • Brand Guidelines
    A presentation document outlining all brand assets and their use. This ensures consistency across every touch-point of your brand.

  • Production Management
    Sourcing and liaising with printers, manufacturers and material suppliers to achieve the best result possible.

  • 3D Visuals
    Digital, stylised imagery of your packaging, product, brand world and conceptual 3D Renders

  • Motion Graphics
    Animated branding for web + digital communications.

Why choose library?

We’re small and independent. We get to know our clients and the full scope of their business, we’re friendly, consistent and always willing to take on new challenges and requests, however big or small.

We’re creative branding and packaging specialists. We aren’t an all-service agency, we do what we do to the highest quality and collaborate with other experts to bring every aspect of your brand to life.

Our studio is out in the UK midlands, so you’re never paying the premium of more central offices. Instead, we work flexibly and efficiently with our clients. We use video conferencing to stay in touch with clients in all countries and time zones. We regularly visit London & other UK cities for more convenient in-person meeting spaces.

How to start your design project with library

  • Get in touch! We offer any insight & guidance we can to anyone who asks, whatever stage of the process you’re at.
  • Ask us for a quote – we tailor quotes based on your requirements. We use our experience to propose the best plan of action.
  • Any questions on working with us? Just ask. If there’s anything we aren’t able to help you with, we can usually point you in the right direction.
  • Any other questions? Just ask. We’re friendly & like talking to people. We may check in, but we never pressure or hassle. 


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