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Category: Packaging

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Straw Boys Whiskey Design

Straw Boys Whiskey

Telling the story of the mischievous, merry-making Straw Boys from Irish Folk life through the branding and packaging of this Single Grain Irish Whiskey.
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Connacht First Cask

First Cask Edition

Branding | Packaging | Gifting Exclusive special edition Whiskey for The Connacht Distillery
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Dodds Gin Packaging

Dodd’s Gin

Translating a London Dry Gin for the international gifting market in this export, duty-free edition.
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London distillery Co.

London Distillery Co.

Branding and Packaging an exclusive London Whiskey and a Limited Edition gift.
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Ex-Libris Vodka Design

Ex-Libris Botanical Vodka

Branding, Packaging & Art Direction for a craft Vodka inspired by books.
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