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Connacht Whiskey

Brand Identity | Packaging

Creating the connacht distillery's OWN single malt irish whiskey: batch one. distilled on the rugged west coast of ireland and crafted by the atlantic.


Our design for Connacht’s figure-head product is inspired by the landscape and method that shape the flavour of the Whiskey, with a bright, modern, classical persona. The packaging incorporates layers of detail, all treated with the boldness and weight reminiscent of solid foundations, ornamented with the natural textures from rocks and waves blind embossed into an uncoated recycled paper stock. Connacht’s signature amber-gold accent of foil brings the sense of warmth, from both grain, traditional copper stills and barrel-ageing.  


The use of copper & wood in the stopper represents the stills and barrels, celebrating the raw materials of craft distilling, where the sea-serpent distillery mark guards the way. The topography of the Atlantic ocean bed is blind embossed into the label, mapping the historical connection from Ireland to America. The ‘Kentucky’ shade of blue represents the bourbon-aged barrels used, and marks a step away from cliche Irish greens.

Branding the connacht distillery

As the figurehead product of the distillery, in designing their first Single Malt Irish Whiskey, we also constructed the wider story and distillery brand world. The distillery’s sea serpent is their mark of quality, and symbolises their metaphorical exploration into uncharted waters. We crafted and refined the serpent seal to bring this quality into the identity itself, that would be seen and shine through as mark of quality across their full product range.

The brand world is rooted in provenance, landscape and craft, leaving room for the distillery to tell a new part of the story of the rich local history and natural forms with every product released.
Discover our work on the Connacht’s First Cask Edition, to see how the brand adapts for their most premium expression.

Connacht Whiskey Packaging