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Connacht Whiskey


Creating the connacht distillery's first core brand single malt irish whiskey: batch one, distilled on the rugged west coast of ireland and crafted by the atlantic.

After five patient years of waiting, we worked with The Connacht Distillery to re-design their brand, led by the release of their highly anticipated Whiskey. Working alongside the overarching brand and exclusive First Cask Edition, Connacht’s Batch One takes on a lighter, more contemporary look and feel, with a Kentucky Blue accent, bringing to mind the bourbon barrel ageing and historical routes between America and Ireland, connected by the ever-changing Atlantic ocean.


Batch One plays on the themes of the core brand of landscape and method that shape the flavour of the Whiskey, but with a brighter, modern, classical persona. The packaging incorporates layers of detail, all treated with the boldness and weight reminiscent of solid foundations, ornamented with the natural textures from rocks and waves blind embossed into an uncoated recycled paper stock. Connacht’s signature amber-gold accent of foil brings the sense of warmth, from both grain, traditional copper stills and barrel-ageing.  

The bottle is adorned with the sea-serpent seal of the distillery to ground the bottle firmly in its provincial roots. The use of copper & wood in the stopper represents the stills and barrels, celebrating the raw materials of craft distilling, where the sea-serpent is repeated to finish the bottle with the distillery’s seal of approval.

the world of batch one

The world for Batch One takes on more natural forms, remaining closely tied to the core branding than the moody, stylised world of The First Cask. The sleek, pared-back design for the bottle, allows the world around it to become more evocative of the wild Atlantic way.