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Conncullin Port Cask


The connacht distillery wanted to bring the rugged beauty of the West-Ireland lanDscape to their signature irish gin, Leading with a special port cask aged edition. We added quality to the gin's original aesthetic, embedding the label design with story and craft through Illustration and texture.


Conncullin is distilled from the water of local lough’s Conn & Cullin, with botanicals inspired by the landscape. Their signature Gin is then matured in ex-port casks, giving the spirit a touch of colour, and rich complex notes from the wooden barrels. 
The Connacht Distillery challenged us to elevate and bring more meaning into the Conncullin brand, bridging its transformation into a product with international appeal, without leaving behind its existing following. Bringing forward the wordmark and distinctive waves, we transformed the design to give the gin a fresher, natural feel that sits proudly alongside Connacht’s family of spirits.

Our Solution

Just as the distillery added an extra layer of craftsmanship and detail to their spirit, we added this to the design.
Building on existing themes to their core gin, we have the design a more natural, layered and textured treatment. The illustration is executed in a wood-cut style to hint towards the cask finish. The type and colour introduce flavour and category cues from Port, while the bespoke label shape gives movement and standout to the design. All introduce a variety of flexible assets for clear product navigation, and room for flavour and finish variation. Having led with this limited edition campaign, the brand’s core Gin we designed as part of the range was also released in a gradual transition, taking customers on a journey from the previous design, to our more sustainable, handcrafted take.

From the distillery

Conncullin is a brand produced by The Connacht Distillery. To make this connection back to the wider distillery brand and ethos of adventurous distilling, the Serpent seal we created for the distillery adorns the shoulder of the bottle. Another theme running through Connacht’s growing range of products is the consistent rounded bottle structure and 100% PCW label stock. This speaks to the distillery’s ongoing mission to be more sustainable, while also maintaining their ethos of quality and craft through all their products.