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Eco Lily

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Creating a bright, positive campaign around re-usable and sustainable period pads for online retailer; Eco lily. We revitalised their design to reflect the brand's core values.

Eco Lily needed a strong identity to match the brand’s growing ambitions. We centred their new identity around their ethos of affordable, re-usable period pads and accessories, accessible to all. We were tasked with the challenge of creating a recognisable and simple-to-use brand without the overtly ‘feminine’ cliches and non-eco materials prevalent in the marketplace. 

Eco Lily Branding


We refocussed the brand towards lily pads to create an unapologetically bold graphic that would help the brand to be recognised, stand out and set the friendly, confident tone of the brand. We injected a variety of contemporary colours, bringing the brand to life with a sense of movement through the lily-pad.


Working closely with Eco Lily, we developed an eco packaging solution. The box is crafted with postage practicality, brand communication and brand experience in mind. Formed from highly recyclable, minimal materials, the packaging is made to look good in your bathroom, as much as it is made to be seen & show off, provoking a more open discussion on periods and environmental issues and counter some of the embarrassment and taboo around period products.

Hoping to see more sustainable and cost-effective products all around, Eco Lily have taken their model and applied it to other everyday household items, starting with cosmetic pads. Our brand took this future aspiration into consideration, making the design as applicable and as captivating across a full range of reusable products.

Eco Lily Branding


As an e-commerce brand, we harnessed the opportunity to create intrigue through playful, moving elements. We created a series of assets and animations that would creatively inform consumers, working to the strengths of digital.