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Hemo Plus

Brand Identity | Brand world | Packaging | Structural

We worked with Dubai-based medical tech start-up, HEMO PLUS, to introduce premium, bespoke medical testing kits and communicate their mission to elevate health and fitness regimes.


In collaboration with Hemo Plus, we developed a brand identity that communicated the culmination of Science + Fitness + Technology + Premium. 

We created an impactful and contemporary wordmark, embedded with cues from both science and sport worlds. The brand uses a contrast of both clinical functionality and sleek tech, accented a with warm, premium copper – a nod to the elemental process of creating Hemoglobin. The dot texture evokes a precise microscopic nexus, that comes to life across the all brand applications.

Packaging Hemo Kits

Developing the testing kits with the Hemo team, we had to consider both the premium experience, and the more practical and technical functionality of the packaging. The kits comprise of: an insulating dense foam form inner – arranged to neatly carry all parts of the kit, the box itself to convey the brand and key messaging, and a textural, decorative and protective sleeve, detailed with the brand dot texture in UV spot varnish.

While the core kit is focused toward the clinical side to the brand, Hemo’s top tier kit takes on a darker more technological persona – for the more advanced user.

Refreshing Medical Instructions

We re-imagined medical instruction leaflets to give the feeling of the seamless, bespoke service that flows through the entire brand. We created a stripped back, simple to understand design that fitted perfectly into the kits. Every leaflet, created in English and Arabic, is specially labelled for each customer and contains an illustrated overview, written instructions for more detail and even a QR code linking to a video tutorial.