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Levis x Gorillaz


A brand collaboration between the established American clothing brand: Levi’s and virtual British Electro-pop band: Gorillaz, bringing together music and fashion for an in-store exclusive pop-up event.

Levi’s pride themselves on customisation and join their customers in the tradition of re-working and personalising their garments. With Levi’s classic range as a canvas, we introduced a customisable selection of Jamie Hewlett’s expressive Gorillaz characters for fans to design and print from interactive screens in flagship Levi’s stores.

To bring the collaboration to life, we created an extensive kit of assets that would allow each customer to put together their one-off design. The core designs paired the iconic Levi’s batwing with the unmistakable Gorillaz character illustrations sporting Levi’s clothing. To make each design more personal, we also created a range of logo’s, shapes, colours, patterns and motifs reflecting the Gorillaz grunge style, mirrored in the store pop-up displays.

Taking on a predominantly digital campaign, we translated the designs for use across the website and social media, where fans and influencers were able to interact, document and share their experience. Those who visited were able to come away with our limited edition Levi’s x Gorillaz printed bag, complete with branded tissue paper and ‘Wash Rulez’ sticker in true Gorillaz style.