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Library Design Studio


Creating our studio’s own identity, inspired by collections, research and a vast range of media. We explored the definition of ‘Library’ to its fullest extent, styled to reflect the variety of print and digital work we do.

The story of Library

Library Design Studio was founded from a small flat in Bloomsbury, London. Bloomsbury is famous for its writers and publishers and home to the British Library and British Museum – two of the world’s largest collections. Our name represents, not only, the diverse sources and media from which we derive our creative inspiration, but also the wide range of forms our branding work takes. All brought together and displayed in one space.

Designing Library

Our own identity has evolved since our inception. We’ve always had a keen eye for detail, texture and print techniques, but as industry and technology develop, so do we. We’ve taken the classical, neutral, curatorial feel of libraries and museums, through a filter of contemporary, digitally infused colour and layout. 

Our logo pairs traditional book fonts, with our re-constructed Library of Alexandria icon, styled for print as a detailed etching, and for digital, as a 3D render. Our business cards use the latest in digital print technology to combine the two, replicating a digital experience in print. Every card uses a different frame of our 3D render rotating, build up in shades HP silver ink onto a smooth, rich black stock. 

The World of Library

We created an identity that represents our practice of creative branding. We believe in flexible, variable elements that give a brand the ability to adapt seamlessly across all applications.

Our identity provides a consistent, neutral backdrop for the individuality of each project to shine through. We harness use of digital to show how a glimpse of each brand world, with a considered sense of movement that captures more of the brand personality.