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Rewards by Warner Music


Rewards by Warner Music Logo

Creating an electric, interactive identity for Rewards by Warner Music. Warner's Rewards platform offers their most dedicated music fans exclusive opportunities to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences and thrilling prizes.


We bolstered the Rewards identity, focusing on the brand’s two key components: Music + Gaming.

Our identity incorporates a stylised record icon into the logo and branding against a backdrop of vibrant digital colour, forming a VR-like world that flows across all touch-points and applications.

Rewards by Warner Music Branding

The bold line work of the record forms the visual language for all brand assets, including an arcade-like set of icons that complement and contrast the core brand, for playful navigation and communications.

To add to the gaming, interactive experience, we created levelling-up shields and a sweepstake spin wheel, all to give members more for their loyalty and a chance to connect with all things music.

Rewards by Warner Music Shields

The World of Rewards

As a very dynamic brand, with lots of new content, offers and chances to interact, we formed Rewards an extensive set of assets to keep their look and feel fresh, while also maintaining consistency across all their digital platforms. With even more chances to level up, we put a tier system in place, to highlight the full hierarchy of what’s on offer.

Adding motion into the mix, campaigns designed for social media add even more flexibility and variation and layering into the brand, all centred around Records + gaming.