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We worked with Songkick to refresh their Brand Identity, embedding meaning and purpose to increase brand awareness. Songkick is a live music service, connecting all music fans to a personalised selection of live shows as and when they're announced. Our branding creates this sense of seamless connections, getting fans from A to B, and leading the way into the live experience. This shared experience unites the diverse range of users and music fans, with the scope to lean into the multitude of subcategories and genres of live gigs.


We redesigned the Songkick logo to bring a smooth, continual and approachable feel to the wordmark. The bespoke detail to the ‘g’ forms a link between pathways and the familiar sight of a stage full of cables, that bring the beautifully unpolished atmosphere of live into the identity. A warm brand gradient of pink & red hues bring more of the immersive experience, energy and electricity of live performance.

The icon takes the concept one step further, tying the ‘S’ of Songkick, with the looser, more free-flowing ‘flex’ that runs through the identity and expands into the brand world, demonstrated below.

Brand Identiity

We introduced a diorama-like play between 2D & 3D, giving the brand the depth of field users feel they can step into, feeling the excitement and anticipation from the moment tickets are announced, to the memories and moments they’ll replay forever. We created a lively and varied range of assets to work across all of Songkick’s communications, from print, to digital, to the more ephemeral, playful world of social media. 

Songkick Brand world

The brand world leads users from the virtual-like world of live the brand online, to placing them in the moment. From helpful, branded app tools to safe-guard fans, to the priceless passes, wristbands and merch that bring you into the moment, and back again – long after the concert’s over.