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Straw Boys Whiskey


Telling the irish Folk story of the mischievous, merry-making 'Staw boys' for this unorthodox single-grain Whiskey, made in west-ireland.

The story of the STRAW BOYS

The Straw Boys are an Irish folk tradition of uninvited (but welcome) wedding guests. Disguised head to toe in bushy, hand-made costumes of woven straw, Straw Boys arrive instruments in hand, dancing and singing to join the festivities and toast the happy couple with a drink…or three. We designed this single-grain Whiskey in their honour, inspired by their energy and natural textures from the West-Ireland farming landscape.

Straw Boys Whiskey Design

the Spirit of the Unorthodox

We developed the tagline ‘The Spirit of the Unorthodox’ to sign post the brand’s unconventional, rule-breaking take on distilling.

Our design captures and illustrates the wild, sensory movement of flailing golden straw and dancing hands, appearing from behind a hessian-like screen that wakens the familiar country scent of dry grass under a hazy harvest sun.

The bold type is finished with a sharp roof emboss create a contemporary finish and depth of field that invite you to step into the scene, while the neck uses a simple handwritten detail, with straw-like qualities and a touch of craft. Topped off with The Connacht Distillery’s signature serpent seal of approval.

Straw Boys Whiskey Design