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London Distillery Co.

Brand World | Packaging

Having made the first Whiskey produced in London in over 100 years, the London distillery Co. needed to create a strong sense of provenance and hand-craft for the launch of their highly anticipated LV1767 Rye Whiskey.

After the closure of the Lea Valley Distillery in 1767, Whiskey had ceased production in the capital, until 2014 when The London Distillery Company produced an innovative craft Rye Whiskey. Using Warminster Rye and brewers’ yeast from the 1900s, the Bermondsey-based distillery created LV1767, aged in oak barrels for four years.

As an exclusive edition of just 251 bottles, the LV-1769 Rye Whiskey deserved a design centred around its intriguing story, with the details of the master-craft behind it’s distilling. Our design incorporates the company’s London-centric, industrial revolution origins through the lens of a distinctively modern hand-crafted Whiskey. The sleek dark casing unfolds the iconic London map to reveal the bottle inside, accented with the copper of the still and finished with the signature of the master-distiller. Each bottle is labelled and numbered by hand and presented with a matching certificate of authenticity.

Our digital invite embraces the modern evolution of the distillery, a satisfying balance to the traditional old-style Scotch and Irish Whiskeys, and a nod to a new era of Whiskey, counting from 1767, the date of the last Whiskey produced in London, up to the date of the launch event in 2018. An accompanying printed map book serves as an introduction to the Whiskey, beginning with the guest’s cloakroom ticket, through the story and process of making the Whiskey, to a fold-out map, plotting its journey from 1767 to present.

In addition to the exclusive LV-1767, The London Distillery Co. produced a micro-batch single malt Rye Whisky to present twenty-eight unique bottles to twenty-eight discerning experts.

As a gift to the investors of the LV-1767 barrels, The London Distillery Co. laid down one barrel of their single malt in American oak to create the limited 109 Cask Edition of only 28 bottles. As a younger, new-world Whisky, the design evolves from the LV-1767 into a bolder, monochromatic style, pairing the decorative distillery branding with more contemporary American bourbon design cues. Each neck label was printed, rather than handwritten, with its unique bottle number using new short-run digital printing techniques – a nod to the parallels of distilling innovation used to create the Whisky.