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Women of Warner


Warner Music UK wanted to promote membership to its Employee Resource Groups. Women of Warner came to us for an engaging, bold identity to encourage participation, and evoke the proactive, collaborative nature of the group, without clichés.

The concept behind our identity for the Women of Warner was ‘making your mark’. We wanted to form a living brand that complemented the Warner Music logo, while also having its own, unique identity. The bold typography represents the collaboration of strength and bold ideas, juxtaposed with a more personal hand-written detail, to represent the members as individuals. The sunny yellow evokes positivity, contrasting the more executive blues & blacks of the core Warner Music branding.

making women of warner

We provided the Women of Warner with a set of assets to create a coherent look & feel across all communications and events, made to frame key information and calls to action in an impactful, memorable way, while also embracing the predominantly digital space.
As a collaborative forum, we formed the identity to translate seamlessly across other Warner ERGs, connecting the groups under one, universal aim: creating a better work environment for all.

The Bigger picture

By combining the WMUK core brand assets with our stylised infographics and communications, WOW were able to effectively inform and engage a wider audience in the debate, using the contrast of the WOW aesthetic, while acknowledging the bigger picture and relating the conversation back to the heart of Warner Music’s ethos.